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Pioneer Academy hosts a bunch of worldwide healthcare professional courses exploring a variety of theory and evidence based practice to build a niche of passionate physiotherapist and health care professional with excellent knowledge and clinical skills.

Hypertrophy Masterclass

Postponed | TAIPEI, TAIWAN

In this 2-Day intensive workshop, you’ll be taken through the analytical and integrative approach Eugene uses to optimize performance, strength, hypertrophy and reduce pain. All of the tools, techniques – and most importantly – the framework for understanding the human body, movement and long term health.

Manual Therapy For The Upper Cervical Spine & Headache

Postponed | Hong Kong, HKSAR

The two-days Manual Therapy For The Upper Cervical Spine & Headache course will cover the anatomical and functional basis to the evaluation of disorders of the upper cervical spine including headache. Of special interest will be evidence based clinical practice, emphasizing clinical examination, evaluation, interpretation, differential diagnosis and treatment.

NOI Mobilisation of the neuroimmune system

Postponed | Hong Kong, HKSAR

NOI’s classic, longest running course, Mobilisation of the Nervous system has evolved. Based on the latest evidence, the course has been completely updated and re-written ‘from the basic science up’. The Research is compelling – the immune system via its integration with the nervous system is a critical player in learning, memory, movement and sensitivity. This new understanding integrates peripheral and central processes and targets therapy towards healthy neuroimmune balance. 


21st and 22nd December 2019 | Hong Kong, HKSAR

The Shoulder Physio Workshop is a two-day course which aim to present a modern interpretation of the shoulder literature with a bias towards actioning these strategies the next day in clinic. We will learn actionable strategies to assess and manage people with shoulder pain using modern science.

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