Hypertrophy Masterclass

Dates:  Postponed 

Location:  XareFit  No. 3, Lane 199, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Course Times: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Special Introductory Pricing

Original HKD $ 7250 /head

Early bird (before 31st March 2020) HKD $7000 /head

Group (3 ppl or above): HKD 6750/head



時間: 上午十時至下午五時

地點: 享健身(信義安和) 台北市信義路四段199巷3號


港幣 $7250 元/人 (兩天)

個人早鳥優惠: $7,000 元/人

三人以上成團報價: $6750 元/人

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In this 2-Day intensive workshop, you’ll be taken through the analytical and integrative approach Eugene uses to optimize performance, strength, hypertrophy and reduce pain. All of the tools, techniques – and most importantly – the framework for understanding the human body, movement and long term health.




Through this unique hands-on approach, you will gain a deeper insight into all of the complexities of the human body:

  • Unlocking the Roots of Dysfunction – Breath & Diaphragm, Scapula & Thoracic, Feet & Calves
  •  Deconstructing the body – joint by joint, muscle by muscle to gain a complete understanding of how the individual regions work in isolation, and how to effectively integrate them together – as no one system works in isolation.
  •  Understanding corrective movement, mobility, stability, strength, coordination and performance.
  •  Muscle Mapping – Activation sequences for every major muscle in your body – how to activate the region, then how to integrate into effective movement to build muscle, strength, improve performance and movement.
  • The role of Fascia and the Nervous System in and how to effectively train these key systems.
  •  Joint Prep – How to go beyond basic mobility/warm up routines and integrate specific joint prep into your training programs
  •  Program Design – Fitting everything together into an effective integrative plan


肌肥大 大師班將會讓你了解到人體動作錯綜複雜的奧妙,這兩天的研習課程目標為:

  • 解鎖失能的根本原因 — 呼吸與橫膈膜,肩胛骨與胸椎,腳掌與小腿
  • 解析人體 — 關節與肌肉的互帶關係,身體不同的區域怎麼獨立運作,卻有需要時如何融會在一起
  • 了解矯正運動,活動度,穩定度,肌力,協調性以及運動表現
  • 肌肉圖譜 — 身體每個主動肌群的激活順序 — 如何激活特定區域,如何串聯有效的動作來訓練肌力,協調性以及運動表現
  • 了解筋膜與神經系統以及有效訓練主要動作鏈
  • 關節準備 — 如何超越基本活動度/暖身的常規,帶入關節準備到訓練計劃
  • 課表設計 — 把所帶學會的知識綜合到訓練計劃



Eugene Teo

Founder of Ganbaru Method

Ganbaru 訓練創辦人



Eugene Teo has spent over a decade in the industry of training, coaching and helping those around him. He has worked with and consulted for professional athletes across a dozen different sports, along with countless “everyday athletes” in the pursuit of improving their health, physique, performance and life. 

 Early on in his career, Eugene’s passions first lay in bodybuilding & powerlifting. Through his first for knowledge and seeking out the best possible way, Eugene sought out the absolute best in these fields, which, over time expanded beyond the typical “barbell sports” and into dance, gymnastics, martial arts and yoga to help make sense of the complexities of the human body, movement and health.

 More recently, Eugene has become a leader within the health and fitness industry, known for his unique teaching style and breaking down complex topics into applicable, easy to understand concepts.

 He has lectured in over 50 cities across the world, through the United States, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia – educating coaches, trainers, health professionals and athletes on training, biomechanics and exercise prescription.


James Au

  • Registered Physiotherapist  (Taiwan)
  • Founder of ACL Club Taipei
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists

物理治療師 體能訓練師

  • 台灣執業物理治療師
  • 高雄醫學大學物理治療學系畢業
  •  高雄醫學大學運動醫學學系畢業
  •  高雄美國學校助理教練
  •  台北前十字韌帶訓練俱樂部創辦人
  •  現任夢飛翔物理治療所治療師



* 匯翹醫療學院保留取消研習課程的最終權利
* 若果課程遭特定原因被取消,參加者將獲得全額退費
* 若果你在報名後,有特別原因沒法參加,最晚請在開課日14天前與匯翹醫療學院聯繫,參加者將獲得全額退費
* 開課日前14天前取消參加,將會收取新台幣 $2000 作行政費用
* 開課日前14天後取消參加,不會獲得任何退款
* 匯翹醫療學院不會為參加課程而產生的受傷或財物損失負責,請參加者自行購買私人保險,以保障自身權益


* 由於日後無法補參加研習,請於報名前慎重考慮是否能出席。
* 講座時請穿著輕便寬鬆衣著,以便練習。
* 為尊重講師智慧財產,講座中除非講師許可,否則禁止錄影、拍照。
* 研習會以英文進行,搭配中文口譯。